Thinking about Process
Anne Lamott's "Short Assignments"
Anne Lamott's "Shitty First Drafts"
Madison Smartt Bell's "Unconscious Mind"
Hack Your Way out of Writer's Block
The Magical, Dreadful First 100 Pages
Writers Share Their Ten Rules
So You Want to Write a Mystery Novel?
Practical Advice on How to Get Writing Done
For One Month, Writing is Your Job!
Blog about What You Did for Your Art Today
It's Okay to Have a Plan
The Snowflake Method
Character Profile Worksheet
David Mamet's Memo to the writers of "The Unit"
Because Professors Need to Hear it Too
Novel Writing for Procrastinators

Visual, Aural, or Tactile Aids
See Your Novel. Listen to Your Novel. Touch Your Novel
Index Card Method
Write on the Wall like Faulkner
Listen to Your Words
Storyboarding Sheets
Storyboarding with Index Cards/Post it Notes
Storyboarding the New Fangled Way

Reverse Storyboarding

Immersive Mimicry: Borrowing a Skeleton
Copy another story, frame by frame
Copy another story, paragraph by paragraph

Thinking about Writing the Story vs. Writing the Novel
Huff Po article on Stories vs. Novel
Charles May's 25 Facts about the Short Story

Thinking about the Workshop
NaNoWriMo Resources for Instructors
Peter Turchi's Workshop Pedagogy
Great review of Does the Writing Workshop Still Work? 

NaNoWriMo Blog
National Novel "Drafting" Month

Creative Writing Pedagogy
Can It Really Be Taught?: Resisting Lore in Creative Writing Pedagogy
Metaphors for the Creative Writing Classroom
Power and Identity in the Creative Writing Classroom
Creative Writing: Teaching Theory and Practice
Poets on Teaching: A Sourcebook

Pep Talks and Reasons Why
We Ten Million 
12 Reasons to Ignore NaNo Naysayers
Wired's Resources and Tips
Chuck Palahniuk's 13 Tips
Timothy Hallinan's "Finish Your Novel" plan
Galley Cat's Resources & Daily Tips

Applications and Tools That Can Help
750 Words
Oh Life